Wedding bliss


The most important day in a woman’s life!  Cliché but still true.  The bride wants to be sure that everything will be as she has envisioned this day…. 

The best advice I can give a bride is to do as little as possible yourself.  All that a bride should be concerned about is her wedding dress and everything else she needs.  All the rest should be handled by a wedding planner. Catering, flowers, wedding cake, entertainment, etc.  Focus on taking everyone’s breath away…  

Try and get some sleep although the nerves and excitement will make it difficult.  Remember to eat!  Most brides tend to be so busy with arrangements that she doesn’t have time to eat resulting in the bride being tired, hungry and not looking like the blushing bride on the big day.

If you have a specific venue in mind, book the venue before setting a date.  Often a wedding date is set with no venue in mind, then you decide on a venue and; Oh No, it’s not available for the date you’ve set, invitations are ready for printing...  What now!

If you can afford it, get a designer / dressmaker to make your wedding dress.  Discuss the look you want.  Look at some designs, magazines, etc.  If you want a strapless creation, please, please, please ensure you wear the proper underwear to support and enhance.  You don’t want to be topless on the dancefloor or having to constantly tug at the dress to keep it from falling down.  I’ve seen that happen too many times 🤪  you should have at least 3 fittings.  Most brides lose some weight in the run up to the wedding.  Don’t go for an initial fitting when you’re pre-menstrual.  Some of us are up to a dress size bigger at the time.  Stipulate the wedding date and ensure you have the dress in your possession at least the day before.  Just in case any last minute alterations are needed.  If you’re on a cost efficient budget, opt to hire a wedding dress.

Hire a make-up artist – go for trial sessions to determine what will compliment your features and dress.  Don’t go for too minimalist.  You don’t want to look pale on the pictures but also don’t want to look like a drag queen. Pictures last a lifetime.

Nails must be manicured.  You could go for a salon treatment or opt to do a mini mani yourself.  People will be looking at your hands all day, so it’s important they look their best too.  Neutral nail colour or French manicures are the most effective to show off the bling on the finger! 

Hairstylist – as for the make-up.  Explain what your dress will look like.  What you’ll be wearing on your head then decide on what hairstyle will bring everything together.  You don’t want to look like a flower girl with curls that don’t suit your personality or the dress.  The hairstylist should be informed of whether you’ll be wearing a veil, tiara, flowers, etc.  Anupstyle is always a classic look for a bride.  However, if this does not work for you, then keep it simple and sleek.

Get the perfect shoes 2 months in advance so you have time to get used to walking in them.  The last thing you want is a blister on your little toe.  Shoes must be comfy as you’ll be wearing them all day, and don’t want to look like you’re breakdancing…  Be considerate to the groom.  If you are the same height barefooted, then please don’t go for 6 inch heels.  You’ll dwarf the poor dear… 

Flowers can be simple and elegant or bold and big.  Depending on the style of your dress, the bouquet can be a single colour, a single flower, a posy, stems, etc.  It really depends on your personal taste.  Again, it has to compliment not overpower.  If you’re having little girls in your entourage, opt for baskets of flowers.  It’s easier for them to carry around.

Transport need not be expensive.  A stretch Limo is nice, but who will see you arrive?  It’s more important to be there on time than how you get there.  By all means, splash out!  I would rather spend the extra on making sure the wedding is memorable. 

Talking about arriving on time, are you having a ceremony in a church? Please don’t be late.  It’s no longer fashionable.  Guests don’t like to be kept waiting for the bride; they lose interest and get fidgety. 

It’s your day!  Enjoy it!

Yes, we’ll always have the aunty that says: did you see what so-and-so was wearing?  Good lord, that colour doesn’t suit her.  What were they thinking getting that hippy to play at the wedding?


Questions to ask yourself:

  1. Calculated a budget?  Then add another 25% to that.  There are always unforeseen expenses that attack you when you least expect it!
  2. Does my wedding planner have all my requirements for the day?  Have faith in your planner.
  3. Does the dressmaker / designer know when I want to collect my dress?  I cannot stress this enough.  Make sure they know the collection date rather than the wedding date!
  4. Has the minister been booked for the ceremony?
  5. Will you be writing your own vows?  Have it with you if not memorized.

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